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Best for Cutting- Dahlia Tuber Bundle

Best for Cutting- Dahlia Tuber Bundle

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When selecting dahlias for cutting, there are a few key criteria to keep in mind. First, sturdy stems are a must - no bobble heads or bendy stems will do. Additionally, long stems are ideal, typically between 18-24 inches. To achieve this length, most of the dahlia varieties I grow reach 4-6 feet tall. It's important to note that bedding/landscape dahlias are typically much shorter and not suitable for cut flower use. For a longer vase life, opt for dahlia varieties with tight petals, such as "Ball" types. You'll find that the dahlias I recommend for cutting are mostly Ball types, as they have the best vase life. Lastly, sturdy petals are a must - some dahlias may look beautiful but bruise easily and do not hold up well. When choosing dahlias for floral design, look for more muted and subtle colors rather than those that are too bold or garish.


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